• Hybrid Presentation

Hybrid Presentation

Regardless of whether it is onsite or online, presenters will conduct their presentations via Zoom. Presenters should prepare their own laptops and, at a later date, join Zoom using the assigned Zoom meeting ID for each presentation venue and use the screen sharing feature to deliver their presentations. Further details will be provided through this page, emails to participants, and newsletters to members.

Currently, internet connectivity at the venue is planned to be provided through Chiba University's eduroam and backup pocket Wi-Fi prepared by the conference organizers. If you have not yet registered for eduroam, please try to register in advance through your affiliated organization and obtain your ID, password, and server certificate. For more information on the registration process, please contact the relevant department in your organization.

Reference: About eduroam https://www.eduroam.jp/for_users

Additionally, the venue's projector is set up to accommodate slides with a 16:9 aspect ratio, so please keep this in mind when preparing your presentation slides. (It has been confirmed that 4:3 aspect ratio slides will also be displayed correctly.)

Language of Presentation (Characters)

For slides and poster presentations, please use English for characters as much as possible so that it can be understood by non-Japanese speakers. We kindly ask for your cooperation in internationalizing the conference and society. Thank you very much in advance.