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参加費:無料(要事前申込:https://convention.gtcenter.jp/symposium2022/ より登録)

Genome Editing Technology: From Research to Industrial Application

Organizers: Profs. Hiroshi Ezura, Kenji Miura, Chiaki Matsukura, Tohru Ariizumi at University of Tsukuba

Purpose: Genome editing technology is attracting attention as a technology that will bring innovation to the life science field, and its use is spreading worldwide in various fields. In view of this situation, this symposium will introduce the latest development topics by those who are utilizing genome editing technology at the forefront of industrial applications. Furthermore, we have planned this international symposium in the hope that it will serve as an opportunity to build an international network for the industrial use of genome editing technology.

Genome-edited tomatoes becoming familiar in Japan

Minako Sumiyoshi (Sanatech Seed)

Gene App: Direct gene-editing method for various crops

Masaki Niwa (GRA&GREEN Inc.)

Innovation in Aquaculture using Nanogene Breeding Method

Shunsuke Ishimoto (Regional Fish Institute)

Let’s join the genome editing industry with Setsuro Tech’s R&D platform “PAGEs”

Agari Takahiro (SetsuroTech)

Base editing technology for industrial applications

Keiji Nishida (Bio Palette)

Genome edited Health Seeds of G+FLAS Life Sciences: glycoengineered Nicotiana benthamiana and Provitamin D3 tomato

Choe Sunghwa (G+FLAS, Korea)

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Genetic Innovation to Address the Distinct Needs of Tropical Agriculture

Jack Peart (Tropical Bioscience, UK)

Low asparagine CRISPR wheat: Europe's first field trial of gene edited wheat lines

Nigel Halford (Rothamsted Research, UK)

Gene Editing in row crops (maize); technical and regulatory considerations and state of play

Marc Cool (Corteva Agriscience, USA)